Pick Three of the Following: 

Smoked Wild King Salmon Jerky:

Original Thick Cut (2 oz)

Teriyaki Thick Cut (2 oz)

Chili Pepper Thick Cut (2 oz)

Spicy Pepper Thick Cut (2 oz)

Original (3 oz)

Lemon Pepper (3 oz)

Jalapeno (3 oz)

Smoky Ancho Chili Pepper (3 oz)

Cajun (3 oz)

Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon Jerky:

Original (3 oz)

Candy (3 oz)

Honey Pepper (3 oz)

Salt & Pepper (3oz)

Smoked Squid Sticks:

Nori  (3 oz)

Smoked Salmon Pepperoni (3oz)

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Pick Your Own 3 Jerky Flavors

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